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Developing custom software applications has been at the heart of Invent Consulting Limited since our inception.

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Software Development

We have developed custom web and mobile solutions to solve a range of business problems for our customers. Depending on the needs of our customers, we opt for either open source or proprietary tools when developing custom applications.

Our predictable pricing structure which is based on resource allocation and time ensures our customers get their applications working on time and within budget. We ensure that the users of the system we develop are well trained and offer a grace period for support where we guide the users and work closely with them to ensure they are comfortable in all aspects of using the system.

Case Study

An airline in Kenya initially relied on paperwork filled by the airline crew to measure performance and profitability of each flight. This meant that key metrics were only visible to the managers at least 2 days after each flight due to the time it took the papers to be transproted to head office and entered into excel sheets.

Invent Consulting limited developed an integrated web application and an iPad application for the airline. Crew would still fill in the manual paperwork as stipulated in aviation regulations but they now fill in the data into an iPad application. The data is then relayed to a custom web portal which processes the reports required by management to measure fuel consumption and profitability in record time. This allowed faster decision making by the airline and they can now track fuel usage(fuel being the biggest running expenditure to an airline).

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